DogFest: like Glastonbury, for dogs!


  • Talent interviews – 11

  • Pieces of coverage – 244

  • Ticket competitions – 34
  • Media reach – 599 million opportunities to see (OTS)

Reaching dog-lovers across the country

Hosted by C4 Supervet Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, DogFest is the ultimate summer festival for dogs, taking place in stately homes in three UK locations – Cheshire, Hertfordshire and Bristol.

The View was asked to devise and deliver national and regional PR campaigns for the events; raise awareness and interest, help drive advance ticket bookings and particularly launch the brand with a bang in Bristol, which was a new region.

We dreamt up the strapline ‘Like Glastonbury, for dogs’ which encapsulated everything in an instant.  It was immediately understood and embraced by media and helped elevate the brand.

Crucial to our success was a creative approach in generating newsworthy stories that didn’t rely on our limited access to the talent appearing. Numerous feelgood, real life human/dog interest pieces captured the audience’s imagination – and hearts.

Widespread coverage was achieved – from TV and Sunday supplements to invaluable local coverage.



Our Believability™ Index says that inducing a positive mood helps absorption of messages.  We launched an informative, but fun campaign with key facts that stimulated multiple senses. Plus, with highly credible talent on board, we had trustworthy messengers that lent even more Believability™ to this super-fun event.