Flexyfoot: Best foot forward


  • Distribution achieved – 22 countries
  • Video – conceived & in the can!
  • Media reach (niche audiences) – 2.6 million

Launching a groundbreaking healthcare product

Flexyfoot is a mobility innovation that aids stability when using crutches and walking sticks. The View was tasked with launching the new product to medical and special interest health groups and supporting a global distribution drive.

Lauded by users as utterly life-changing – as it reduces slips and falls and relieves musculo-skeletal stress on joints – but complicated to explain, we shot a powerful video for website, exhibition and sales use. A healthcare media relations and influencer campaign generated further exposure.

Alongside exhibitions, The View’s campaign was Flexyfoot’s sole marketing support.  It was integral in helping secure deals with distributors in the UK and overseas – and attracting and maintaining investors.



To communicate the ability of this remarkable product, our campaign used ‘vivid and specific’ messaging.  In the video, Flexyfoot’s inventor David Goodwin explained how much it meant to him that his product was making such a difference. The film induced a positive mood in the receiver of the message – another reason for believing.  Finally, real life Flexyfoot users gave astounding testimonials imparting ‘friendtelligence’ and word-of-mouth endorsements – another key tenet of Believability™.