RedKangaroo: regional trampoline park launches


  • Volunteer models & chaperones for photoshoot & video – over 100

  • Extreme trampoline champ for video – 1
  • Multi-channel advertising – radio, online, outdoor, social, print

  • Social: within 4 months – 7.3k followers (organic, not paid)

  • Launch video: initial, organic reach – 46,000 / 17k views / 594 shares

  • PR: opportunities to see – 13,859,177

Launching a new leisure brand

RedKangaroo is Britain’s most exciting new chain of trampoline parks. With no marketing department on board in the early stages, the View stepped in…

We were tasked with creating awareness of the new brand, generating excitement and ultimately driving enquiries and bookings.  We devised a total launch strategy which engaged parents of small children through to streetwise teens – and students. 

A fully integrated marketing campaign was planned for the opening of RedKangaroo’s first three parks; in Reading, Nottingham and Coventry and a powerful blend of paid-for and earned media was agreed.

We masterminded a series of interactive breakfast show and drivetime radio partnerships, plus ongoing airtime advertising (including DAX and Spotify).  A series of high profile outdoor campaigns ran on billboards, digital posters, buses and trams.  Online and print campaigns were also mounted (not just local news and lifestyle media, but parenting and uni titles too). The View was responsible for all media selection, negotiation and buying. 

In addition firm relationships were forged with key local journalists and influencers. The View also set-up and managed the brand’s organic social media from scratch, across 11 social platforms at one point plus subsequent, tightly targeted ad campaigns on Facebook. 

A key consideration was wise use of budget.  One example was our initial, brilliantly engaging photo and video shoot.  It produced a rich repository of content for use across all parks and across all communications channels from launch, for over a year.



A key element of Believability™ is the positive mood a message can induce in the receiver; something we knew we could do for these trampoline parks – in spades! Communicating fun messages using simple language and multiple proof points, we also encouraged word of mouth endorsements to ensure the parks were the talk of the town and booked up from the get-go…