The Surrey Copper Distillery: a Dickensian debut


  • Stunning suite of marketing materials created

  • Key niche influencers reached

  • Copperfield rated as ‘standout’ gin by Imbibe: from 100 brands

Elevating a new, small batch distillery above the crowd

The Surrey Copper Distillery is an independent, family-run, small batch distillery that was established in 2017. Its owners, with impeccable distilling pedigrees, are also lovers of antiquarian books.  Its distinctive brands are crafted with inspiration from literature and history and using the finest ingredients.

The View was asked to create media materials to launch the brand’s first spirit, Copperfield London Dry Gin, and then its second, Chimes English Extra Dry Vermouth. We commissioned and styled a library of stunning product photographs (working with a top bartender) and wrote intelligent and comprehensive press releases that paid homage to the rich brand stories.  We sold them in to A-list industry contacts and media.

Copperfield gin was introduced at top industry event Imbibe Live, where, in an intensely competitive sector, we successfully introduced it as ‘one to watch’ to select drinks writers attending.  Despite over 100 gins exhibiting Copperfield was named (first) by Imbibe’s team as ‘one of the standout gins of the show’.

Further highly supportive coverage was generated in target trade publications including The Spirits Business and Harpers.  A spin-off was Copperfield’s entry into Spirits Business’s Luxury Masters drinks competition, where it was voted top in the Gin Ultra Premium category.



Believability™ is intrinsically part of the DNA of the brands, with the eminent backgrounds of the distillers and their painstaking research of historical recipes, bringing them to life in a contemporary way.  The superb quality (and bottle design) of the product also sang out, but it was up to The View to weave all these together, with compelling reasons for frantic journalists to taste and take notice of the brand, especially in a explosive market where exciting new drinks are launching every day.