Hotel de France


  • Number of languages (web, social & e-marketing) – 2
  • Dwell time on website – 125% longer than industry ‘good’ benchmark
  • 2 day shoot: no of great images: 1,535
  • 2 day shoot: no of core videos: 1
  • 2 day shoot: no of video edits: 21
  • e-Newsletter ‘opens’ rate – 160% above industry average
  • e-Newsletter ‘click’ rate – over double industry average

Creating beautiful - and effective - marketing tools from scratch

Hotel de France is a boutique hotel in rural France, situated between Le Mans and the Loire Valley. This classically French, art deco gem has a rich motorsports heritage.  Aston Martin’s race teams used it as a base in the ‘50s and ‘60s and celebrities of the day, such as Steve McQueen and Jackie Kennedy visited.

Under new ownership, it was recently given a full revamp that paid homage to its motoring heyday.

Our brief was to drive awareness, reappraisal and loyalty.  We conducted a full communications audit which informed a new strategy and delivered a fully integrated marketing campaign.  All were designed to lay firm foundations for a new in-house marketing team.

We created a brand new, French-English website, which resolved historical booking issues, gave a luxury feel and provided an easy user experience.  It was a huge task; from design and SEO optimisation, to research, copywriting and translations, no stone was left uncovered.

Our photography and video shoot gave us a huge library of stunning visuals for all marketing comms. 

We overhauled all social media platforms (and developed all content), sent regular e-newsletters to our freshly generated database, then ran Facebook advertising and PPC campaigns. We also created a marketing toolkit and delivered training sessions to hotel staff.

We saw a huge surge in website visitors and engagement generally.  The Times came and stayed, naming it one of their ’50 Best Stopovers in France’.



Everything we did for HdF encompassed elements of our 15 point Believability™ Index , but key ones were: ‘induces a positive mood in the receiver’, ‘is attractive’, ‘is trustworthy’, ‘makes use of word of mouth endorsements’ and many more.