Forces War Records. #TheRealBlackadder


  • Increase in website visits – 50%

  • Increase in page views – 76%

  • Media reach – 302,860,695

  • Extra staff to cope with demand – 28

  • Award winning!

Creating a national buzz for a specialist military genealogist

Forces War Records (FWR) is the place to visit for people researching their family’s military history.

Our challenge was to create a reason for the media to write about FWR during the centenary year of the start of WW1 and build awareness in a surprising, compelling way.

We kicked-off with a big bang with our #TheRealBlackadder theme, having challenged FWR’s historians to search for real-life namesakes for the fictitious Blackadder cast WITH their correct ranks amongst the archives. A massive media blitz and Twitter campaign resulted in blanket exposure including broadcast interviews with Tim McInnerny (Capt. Darling) and FWR.

The campaign won Major PR and was shortlisted for Major Creative in The Drum’s inaugural Majors awards.



Forces War Records’ online military records were integral to the story – it couldn’t have been told if they hadn’t been scoured and interpreted by the company’s expert historians (with guidance from The View!!)