Forces War Records: Trench Traumas and Medical Miracles


  • Radio interviews – 146
  • TV news – 1
  • Total pieces of coverage – 200 

  • Media reach – 183,864,692
  • Celebrity endorsement brokered

  • Award winning

Niche product launch: educating the masses via ‘yuk factor’

Forces War Records (FWR) is a specialist military genealogy website that needed to broaden its appeal and increase subscriptions with a wider audience during the centenary of WW1. Our challenge was to create a reason for the media to cover its extremely niche WW1 hospital records discoveries and engage the public.

For newsworthiness, we researched what happened to sick and injured men in the war and created a downloadable wartime themed e-book. Trench Traumas and Medical Miracles explained devastating everyday scenes and medical challenges and innovations. It covered the top 20 grisly battlefield conditions, which ranged from trench foot and lice to sexually transmitted diseases.

We secured national news coverage and engaged TV historian Neil Oliver as FWR’s ambassador. Who Do You Think You Are?  magazine reprinted the entire 16 page Trench Traumas and Medical Miracles book within its pages.

We won Major PR and were shortlisted for Major Creative in The Drum’s Majors awards for our work with FWR.



Our Believability™ research and index is made up of many factors, and this campaign ticked a lot of the boxes.  Crucial to the campaign were the fascinating case studies and real identifiable individuals uncovered by FWR experts that succeeded in bringing history to life.  A celebrity expert only bolstered their findings further.